Q: How much will my job cost?

A: We would love to meet you in person, to discuss your ideas.  The first question on most homeowner's minds is how much will this cost?  Before we can answer this question, we need to discuss the scope of your project and the level of finishes you desire.  Many seemingly minor details can shift the price considerably.  We can usually give you a BALLPARK figure to help you determine if we are heading in the same direction.  But an accurate estimate can only be given after the details have been determined, and this can not be done on-the-spot. Please drop us a line via our contact page, or give us a call!

Q: Are your prices competitive?

A:  Our pricing is based on the industry standards for markup.  We believe this is fair to you and to us - we can't give it away, and you definitely get what you pay for!

Q: I have a design plan from another builder/architect.  Can you build from that?

A: We would love to see what you have.  In many cases we can build from your plans, or they may need some minor tweaks.  

Q: What if I don't like it when its finished?

A:  At Haines Construction, we keep a constant stream of communication with our clients, throughout the entire design and build process.  You will approve and witness every detail.  We will do whatever we need to do to make sure your project is what you expect.

Q: I see that you are a NARI member, what does that mean?

A:   NARI is the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.  NARI membership means that Haines Construction has undergone an extensive screening process and is required to follow a strict Code of Ethics.

Homeowners can be assured that any time they hire a NARI member, they are hiring an individual who has made a strong commitment to the professionalism of the remodeling industry and to his or her business.

 The association is committed to enhancing the professionalism of the remodeling industry and serving as an ally to homeowners.

NARI members have access to the latest information in the industry through publications, educational programs, educational seminars and conferences. 

Q: What is Universal Design?

A:  A space that adheres to Universal Design is an attractive, stylish space that everyone, regardless of age, size, or ability, can live in or visit. A home with Universal Design is livable and accessible, now and in the future as needs and abilities change.

Some examples of Universal Design include grab bars and barrier-free access in a shower, wider doorways and hallways, ergonomic door and cabinet handles, variable height workspaces in the kitchen, and single-level living.

A: aines Construction is a Class-A Contractor, license number 2705-073966A.  We are insured, and require our sub-contractors to provide us with proof of insurance as well.  We have been renovating and building in the Richmond area for 20 years.  We are active members of NARI, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, and Tom Haines is a past president of NARI Central Virginia.  

Q: What are your qualifications?

A: We clean the jobsite daily and do our best to keep dust to a minimum in your home.  We use sophisticated dust collection and containment methods.  We do our best to keep your home clean and prevent any damage to your belongings.  Depending upon the scale of your project, you may be able to stay in your home for the duration of the project.  However, people have different levels of tolerance for construction.  Many of our clients choose to find alternate living arrangements during construction.  You can discuss this with your project supervisor to decide what would be best for your family.  

Q: Will the jobsite be kept clean?  Will I be able to stay in my home? 

Q: Do you have references?

A: References are available on request.  We have many happy clients and many repeat clients.  They would be happy to talk with you, and we encourage you to get in touch with them.

Q: Does Haines Construction carry Workers Comp and Liability insurance?

A: Yes, and we are happy to provide the certificates to you upon request.  We also require all of our subcontractors to carry the same, and can provide copies of their certificates.

Q: Have you had any specialized training? 

A: Tom Haines is a Certified Remodeler (CR), Green Certified Professional (GCP), Universal Design Certified Professional, and holds a Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) certification from the EPA, which is specialized training in handling lead.