COTY Award Winning Remodel!

We are thrilled to show you the interor remodel that garnered us our 3rd COTY award!  This first floor remodel included a kitchen and powder room.

This gorgeous Fan home had been renovated before. The floorplan and flow had been changed quite drastically.   We removed the obstacles and restored the original flow to the first floor, and enlarged and enhanced the kitchen.  The result is stunning!


The new kitchen enjoys an open floorplan with a family room.  Materials were re-used and re-claimed whenever possible.  Even plugs in the floor were carefully selected for the best possible grain match. 


We were lucky to locate pocket door tracks in the ceiling, and the homeowner chose to include them in the renovation.  We located doors and the rest of the track hardware at a reclamation yard, and after a few modifications, have gorgeous, working pocket doors!


The fireplace surround in the dining room is original to the home.  It had many layers of paint, and we initially planned to apply a marble faux-finish, but upon cleaning, we discovered a lovely slate surround.  It even has faint pencil marks from the craftsman who carved it!


The powder room is tucked neatly beneath the grand staircase.  It is an effective use of space.  The exposed brick and gold paint make this room a warm and lovely surprise amidst the crisp white trim of the hallway.