Chimney days

Here at HQ, we have some chimneys.  They are fancy and lovely... and old, and in need of some love.  So we are showing them some love.  

Here's the imposing exterior side:


The one on the left is the one we are loving at the moment.  The very top section has been removed, it will match the one on the right when we put it back together.

Inside, we're installing gas fireplaces:


There is a 3rd, but it was too shy to be photographed on picture day.

Getting the flues open has been a bigger job than expected! The upper part of the chimney had a definite lean to it, and we discovered that a prior attempt to repair it.  The craftsman of the past had FILLED the flue with bricks, and not just loose bricks, they'd been cemented in... Stable, yes! Easy to undo? No!

Here's are some images of the dismantling:


This is the same chimney from 2 angles - I nearly had a heart attack upon seeing these, so I wanted to share the shocking images.  This chimney has 3 flues, and the pipes coming out of the center flue are for the gas fireplace unit - the left and right flues were solid with bricks, and will also have pipes when they are finished being re-opened.

Here's the top view:


All three are now open, and soon we'll be on the path to putting them back together!! 

More information and photos as it becomes available!